Germiston Callies Harriers

Track and Field

The Tartan Track at the Germiston Stadium is one of the best in the country.
It is very busy and for this reason it is best that training is done under the guidance of a coach.
There are a number of qualified coaches associated with Germiston Callies.

Among these are:

Name Cell no Email AddressSpecializes in
Corne du Plessis 082 553 15 to Senior level. Sprint events 100, 200 and 400m
Speed development specialist I.Y.C.A Registered
(International Youth Conditioning Association)
Stefane Kotze083 271 1962 Age 13 to Senior level.Sprint events 100, 200 and 400m.
Long Jump and Hurdles
Trained 62 SA Champs and 28 Springboks/Proteas
Lindi du Plessis074 119 9465lindiberows@hotmail.comAges 8-14 years Sprint events 60m-200m.
Middle distance 800m,1500m. Short hurdles ages 9-15
I.Y.C.A Youth development coach
Magriet Berowsky076 191 1636 Ages 7-13 years Sprinting 60-200m
Ages 9-18 Long Jump
I.Y.C.A Youth development coach
Elize Smit084 581 Years and older. Hurdles and Sprints